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Mrs C from Oxfordshire
Last week we ordered a top rump of beef from you & I cooked it medium rare according to your instructions on Sunday. I seldom cook a joint of beef because I always thought you needed to buy big - 3 or 4 ribs for example to get the best flavour & there are only 4 of us. Clearly I was wrong! I can hardly believe how much my family (husband & 2 teenage boys) enjoyed their roast beef; they are usually monosyllabic but on Sunday night they were waxing lyrical (in-between mouthfuls). Despite second & third helpings there was plenty left for sandwiches & a salad the next day. Excellent value & absolutely delicious. Thank you & your colleagues.

K Dearman from Berkshire
Thank you for a wonderful 3 bird Roast we ordered for Xmas.It was divine! The free sausages we got with our order were a hit as well - my daughter said they were the best she had eaten ever.

Mrs A Dawes from Poole
Jane suggested we try a Turkey Two Ways this year. It was easy to cook-easy to carve (especially the boned stuffed legs) and, as always, most enjoyable to eat.
Thank you and all your staff for the hard work and care you put in to making our Christmas meal one to remember.

Mr & Mrs Lance from Taunton
Heartfelt thanks to all at Heal Farm. As always your Christmas food & delivery service were superlative & we are in awe of all that you & your team achieve.

Brian and Clair York from ex-Sussex and now in Cornwall.
Dear Anne

I sent a testimonial via e-mail with regard to the superb turkey that did 14 meals + turkey risotto - amazingly as I never expected that and believe me I have a 6ft 4" husband (x-rugby player) and 6ft 5" son as well as two other sons and guests on Christmas Day - so even I never expected it to reach that far! The stuffed pork and ham were also fantastic but today I am cooking the Roast Rib of Beef and despite eating all over the world and in many restaurants, I have never and I honestly mean never, tasted anything so divine, tender and well, words cannot describe - sheer pleasure. Thank you to Tom Kerridge for pointing us in your direction. Christmas was the best ever food wise and I will not hesitate to order again. Please put our report on your website!

Brian and Clair York
ex-Sussex and now in Cornwall.

With best wishes for a superb 2013.

Clair and Brian York from Moved in November from East Sussex to Cornwall.
We had an order of Bronze Free Range Turkey, Cooked Cider soaked Ham, Roast Forerib of beef, Pork stuffed with apricots and prunes as well as some free wonderful sausages. I wondered how to write a review as the turkey and ham were unbelievably good. We have had Waitrose turkey the last few years and your turkey was definitely the best ever - so moist that it almost melted in the mouth. Also the turkey fed 10 with at least 4 having seconds, then there was enough for sandwiches for three hungry folk as well as me picking some of the breast and there was still enough to boil the bones to make a turkey risotto. There was I, worried about whether it would feed 10!!!! Just fantastic.

Many thanks

Clair and Brian York
Moved in November from East Sussex to Cornwall.

Amanda from North Yorkshire
I've been using Heal Farm for so many years (since the early 1990s) but am ashamed that I have never (until now) added my voice to the testimonials on the superb quality of food and excellent service.

Let me redress the situation at once and say that the quality has never ceased to impress guests and family alike. Value and quality remain outstanding, as they always have been.

Of my last two orders the beef rump joints were gorgeous ,we had the larger of the two as a pre-Easter Sunday lunch and it was meltingly tender with a wonderful rich flavour. The remainder made superb sandwiches with some left-over home-made horseradish sauce. Likewise the two legs of lamb from my Lamb and Chips order were delicious. We had them both on Easter Sunday (as we had a houseful of guests) and they were beautifully succulent and �toothsome�.

Thank you all so much for such wonderful food over the best part of twenty years.

Devon With Kids by Kate Calvert from Footprint Travel Guides
Heal Farm is listed under Foodie Goodies in the North Devon section of this brilliant publication

Domestic Sluttery from www.domesticsluttery.com
Reviewing Heal Farm sirloin steak " wonderful and a real cut above anything you could buy at the supermarket"

Helen from Fuss Free Flavours
This beef was superbly right, but trying to describe why these steaks we so right outwits my thesaurus. Once there is any space in my freezer I'll be ordering some more of them!
(reviewing Heal Farm sirloin steaks)

Mrs S from Devon
the beef top rump roast was excellent. very delicious and great value! Cooked it exactly per your instruction sheet, rare. Thats why have ordered 3 more.

Kate Lloyd from Salisbury
My husband & I just wanted to say thank you so much for making our anniversary meal so wonderful. Heal Farm sirloin steaks are the BEST we have ever tasted.

John at Lathwells from Bideford
Since using Heal Farm meat the feedback from the customers in our restaurant has been incredible. Thank you Heal Farm you have done my business a great service.

F Davis from Bristol
Your Five Bird Roast is OUT OF THIS WORLD

F Leacock from Blandford Forum
Having been abroad for Christmas these past two years, its nice to be back ordering our delicious Christmas feast once again from Heal Farm. Absolutely noone does it so well...

BBC Good Food Magazine from Shopping section
Treat of the Month - Tried & Trusted Website.
Boned Aylesbury Duckling with Goose Breast and Orange & walnut stuffing is a sumptious blend of flavours from HEAL FARM, one of the pioneers in providing an alternative to factory farmed and processed food. For a special family lunch, just pop the duck in the oven, baste a few times and it will produce a rich and delicious sauce and easily carve in to appetising slices. Serves 8, 38.75 plus delivery. Heal Farm,s core products are superb - meat and poultry, sausages, hams, bacon, pates and pies - but they also offer homemade cakes, puddings, preserves and beautifully prepared roasts. To order call 01769 574341 or visit healfarm.co.uk

Richard D from Ware, Herts. email to Heal Farm
We have just received another delivery from Heal Farm and wanted to let everybody know our thoughts. All products we have ever had from Heal Farm (regular customers of about 3 years) have always been of superb quality with great tastes.
The customer service we receive (very quick delivery, concern that the delivery has arrived and always interested in our views) is second to none.

It is a real joy buying from Heal Farm - thanks to all concerned.

Mrs R from Tunbridge Wells
Your Christmas hamper took all the hassle out of the holiday this year and was much enjoyed. We were impressed with the quantity of meat on the bird (turkey) and the flavour. The letters I�ve been getting thanking me for having family for the holiday all say something good about Heal Farm and it's only fair I should pass this on to you.

Mr R from Buckinghamshire
Many thanks for a superb ham, best yet voted by everyone!! Super cake too.

Mrs S from Amersham
Many thanks for our wonderful Christmas order, as usual it was all superb, just a very happy memory now!

Mrs & Mrs Y from Woking Surrey
My husband, Charles, ordered a turkey, and, sausages and bacon from you for Christmas. We wondered how it would be we had never ordered food this way before. Well at 11.00 am, as promised, everything arrived. It all looked beautiful so clean and smelled so fresh. Well. The turkey it was the fifth turkey we had cooked for Christmas and was named George V, was absolutely delicious. The ham was succulent and tasty its delicious cold. The sausages and bacon were super too. So I felt I ought to write to say thank you for the wonderful service the call on the evening of 23rd December to ensure all was well was much appreciated. The whole family, who are all very discerning and critical about food, thought we had made the perfect choice in choosing Heal Farm. I will of course pass on your name to anyone I can.

Mrs K from Addlestone, Surrey
Many compliments received about the Smoked Ham, Lemon Cheesecake and Sticky Toffee Pud. As for the Pork Pie you have not LIVED until you have had a fresh Heal Farm Pork Pie!!

Mr & Mrs T from Bradford on Avon
This year we ordered your Goose with Three Ducks for our Christmas dinner and your Large 5 Bird Roast to be served cold at a subsequent party. Both were extremely popular and we have been delighted to pass on our recommendation together with your telephone number, to several friends.

D Hills from Norfolk
A note to thank you once again for your role in ensuring that the quality of food in our household was first class over the festive period. We had your ham on Christmas Day and I was delighted that it could not be faulted as a flavoursome meat of just the right salt level.

Mr & Mrs D from Cambridgeshire
I am just writing to thank you for the excellent and well packaged items received this week. The recipe dishes tried thus far are superb and would not be out of place in any five star establishment!

Mrs M from Great Linford
I have a large family (7 children) and throughout the holiday period many guests to feed. All who eat here compliment me on my cooking which I feel I need to pass on to you. As we all know, a good cook is only as good as her ingredients and with Heal Farm I get the freshest and the very best there is.

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