Mexican food set to be big this year


Great British predict in 2017 authentic Mexican food gets the attention it deserves.

As delicious as tacos, burritos and guacamole are, there’s a wealth of exotic ingredients, regional recipes and complex, intricate dishes barely seen outside of the country.

The cuisine is set to hit the fine dining scene in 2017, with René Redzepi’s iconic Noma moving to Mexico for seven weeks in April, while acclaimed chef Matha Ortiz will be opening a new restaurant at the InterContinental Park Lane Hotel, serving her inimitable take on Mexican classics like mole. Throw the fact that chef Enrique Olvera appeared on the second season of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, and it’s all but guaranteed that we’ll all be gaining a newfound respect for Mexican food.

Great British is also championing all recipes Mexican.  Click here for tasty taco recipes galore

Heal Farm can provide the minced beef, chicken, pork and even turkey – its also worth an ask if its not on the website it doesn’t mean we can’t supply it.

If you want to add a touch of extra authenticity, make your own Mexican mole (pronounced ‘mo-lay’), a thick, rich, chocolate-spiked sauce. We love the sound of this Pulled Pork with Mole


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