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Here at Heal Farm we understand how important food, nutrition and exercise are crucial to our general health and well-being. Making the right choices of food and drink and taking regular exercise can protect the body against many illnesses such as coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, certain cancers and other diseases.


Lean beef and lamb can play an important part in a healthy balanced diet. It contains a wide variety of essential nutrients including protein, key minerals, particularly iron and zinc and B vitamins, including vitamin B12 not naturally found in green plants and conventional vegetables.


Red meat is a good source of high quality protein. Protein is essential for growth, maintenance and the repair of the body and can also provide energy. Red meat contains, on average, 20-24g of protein per 100g (when raw). Cooked red meat contains 27-35g of protein per 100g (cooked weight).


In a number of Western countries, red meat consumption has declined, partly due to a concern about its fat content. However, advances in animal husbandry and butchery techniques over the last 40 years have resulted in a reduction in the fat content of carcase meat by 10-30%. This means that the fat content of lean red meat is much less than many people think. Typically, the total fat content of lean red meat is between 5-10g per 100g. We can further reduce the fat content of meat by using preparation and cooking methods such as dry frying or grilling and by trimming the visible fat off meat before we cook it.


Please specify when you order from Heal Farm if you would like extra lean meat.


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