• Feather Steak (Beef) - 500g
Feather Steak is tucked under the 'fin' of the shoulderblade
So called as the fibres of the meat are arranged like the
filaments in a bird feather, both on the side and also when
cut across as steaks.

Cook for too long or at too low a temperature and you will
have to wait for quite a long time for it to be tender again.

So be bold, slice to make half inch or thicker steaks, slap
into a smoking hot pan with a little butter or olive oil, brown
quickly on each side, season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

OR Split horizontally and cut into neat 'Flat Iron' steaks for cooking as above.

OR Slow cook the whole piece, remove the covering membrane
and cut into thick slices.

Also good in pies and casseroles. Rich, full flavour.

500g piece.

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Feather Steak (Beef) - 500g

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Tags: Feather Steak (Beef) - 500g

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